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Ordering Instructions
Setup Server Space:
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Inquire whether or not you are allotted storage space on their server
  • If so, ask them to configure your server space
  • Ask them for the login instructions
  • Ask what is the actual url to your site
  • The Mozilla Firefox browser has a ftp add-on called FireFTP to upload your files
  • There are plenty of free ftp software programs available for download. Try Cnet. Enter FTP in the search window
  • For free server space try Neocities. Free storage space is limited
Setup Folders/Photographs:
  • On your hard drive, create a folder for each photogallery
  • Name each folder with the title of the photogallery
  • Copy the photographs you want to include in the photo gallery into this folder
  • Rename each photograph as: 1.jpg; 2.jpg; 3.jpg… in the order you want the photographs to appear
Order Form:
  • Download the order form: Pdf print version   MS-Word formatted e-form
  • Enter your contact/return mail information
  • Enter the same name as each folder in the "Title of Photogallery" box
  • Check "Yes" or "No" to the "Enhance Photos" checkbox to accept this option
  • Download the Captions worksheet if you want to add text descriptions to your photos
  • Edit the captions document for each photograph in your gallery
  • Save individual captions worksheets in that gallery's folder
  • Use the same name of your photogallery title to label the captions worksheet
Music Track:
  • Select a track from your mp3 library
  • Copy the mp3 file to your photogallery folder
  • Enter the song title, artist, album name, and release year in the order form
Preparation for Delivery:
  • Copy all photogallery folders containing the images, captions worksheet and music track onto re-recordable media: Flash card, USB thumb drive, re-recordable CD or DVD disk
  • Mail to: PhotoGalleryWeb
    c/o Lawrence Novotny
    P.O. Box 133
    Riverside, IL 60546-0133
Additional information:
  • Please include your email address to confirm receipt of your galleries
  • A temporary test website may be uploaded to my website for testing
  • If so, a url will be sent to your email address for testing purposes
  • An additional postage and handling charge of $3 will be added to your order